FINO provides professional educational consulting to students wishing to gain higher education abroad at TOP ranking universities and colleges worldwide

Ryan Tremblay

Founder and CEO | email: [email protected]

 Jane Karnagis

Business Development Manager | email: [email protected]


Jack Brown

Marketing Manager | email: [email protected]


Firuz Ikramov

Representative for Asia | email: [email protected]

Our university consultants are fully experienced and trained by trusted university partners and the British Council, and are here to help guide you through each step of the application process to any world university, college or language school.

Our Mission


To provide international students with access to trusted, expert advice about universities of the current world



Who we are?


We are official marketing representatives of world universities. We provide mostly* free consulting and assistance in searching scholarships in UK, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Holland, Spain, Malaysia, Finland, Czech Republic, Ireland, Switzerland, Austria, Korea, Germany, Singapore, China, Cyprus, Ukraine, Kyrgyzstan and Malta.


We guarantee an offer from a university of your interest. After your enrollment we help you with your visa application for free*.


We are dedicated to offer you the highest quality education for an affordable price. Your success is our success. With more than 10,000 students all over the world in only 5 years all we can say is Thank you for trusting your future to us.

*Service fee charges apply for services for Korea, Finland, China, Austria and Germany

Why would you need us?


Our students' success rate is 98 per cent, compared to an overall international applicant success rate of only 55 per cent. No matter which level of higher education you wish to study, we have a support team and a service to suit you. A free consultation will help you find the right university to apply to, along with advice on how best to fill in your application form, while our Premium service will give you an extra advantage when applying to any university worldwide with a guaranteed offer.


Whether inspired by a family member, a friend or simply the desire to explore and get out into the world, studying abroad is the first step for an ambitious young person who aspires to get ahead in life.


For young people around the world, studying abroad offers valuable international experience, broadening their horizons and offering the chance to gain a competitive advantage in the job market, while meeting people from all walks of life.


We offer courses in countries that are high on international students’ list of destinations due to their history, global language, and reputation for high-quality, competitively priced degrees. Our partner universities welcome overseas students and are particularly keen to increase the diversity of their student bodies.


The process of applying to foreign universities can, however, be a daunting and complex bridge for students to cross: Who can I trust for objective advice about what to include in my application? How do I pick the right university for me? Is my level of English good enough?

There are real issues of trust, access and understanding at a major decision point for a young adult. Good advice and support can make all the difference between a good choice and a bad one. Between a successful and rewarding experience and a poor one.

We believe international students should have access to trusted, expert advice about universities and courses all over the world. To be supported by professional and experienced advisers throughout their whole journey: from the first tentative enquiries, through the application process, and right up to their arrival in the country of their choice and throughout their life at university.


We are your bridge to universities all over the world!


Courses we offer

Summer courses | Short Executive courses | Language training | Advanced diploma and certificate courses | ACCA | CIMA|  Foundation degree | Bachelor's degree | Pre-master's year | Master's degree | Doctorate and a lot more